Eco Park - What’s the plan?

A new home for Forest Green Rovers

Eco Park’s centrepiece will be a 5,000-seat, state-of-the-art stadium for Forest Green Rovers, the world’s greenest football club. Designed by the globally-renowned architects at Zaha Hadid, the ground will be made almost entirely from wood – nature’s original renewable building material – and will offer every fan an unrivalled view of the action.

The new training complex at Eco Park – sponsored by Candriam – will bring our youth, academy, women’s and first teams together at a single facility. All our teams will be able to train in the district for the first time since the club went professional.

With excellent transport links, Eco Park will sit east of the M5 Motorway at Junction 13, with the stadium north of the A419 and the club's training facility to the south.

A beacon for sustainability in sport

Eco Park will have the lowest carbon footprint of any football stadium in the world.

Generating over 80 per cent of its energy requirement on site, Eco Park will only use renewable energy from the wind and sun generated by Ecotricity. Over 2km of new hedgerows, thousands of new trees, wetlands and the return of the canal will bring a 12 per cent improvement in natural biodiversity at the site.

All the pitches will be organic and all the food will be vegan - just like at the New Lawn.

Better and greener transport links

Situated at Junction 13 of the M5 on the A419 in Gloucestershire, Eco Park will be a lot easier to get to than The New Lawn. Landscaped parkland will provide parking for 1,700 cars with ample charging facilities.

There will be good walking, cycling and public transport access, with FGR planning to subsidise match day buses from Nailsworth, Stroud, Stonehouse and Cam and Dursley train station.

Local green business opportunities

Eco Park will be a catalyst for green business opportunities for Gloucestershire. It’s estimated that the development will bring £150million to the area annually, supporting up to 5,000 new jobs.

On site, there will be 38,000 sq metres of office space and 18,000 sq meters of industrial space, hosting companies working in the zero-carbon economy. Our plans align with those of Stroud District Council and GFirst LEP to foster green and knowledge-intensive enterprise in the area.

With trees, hedgerows and wetland areas, Eco Park will boost biodiversity while bringing a world-class sustainable football stadium to the Stroud district.

A destination for everyone

With its state-of-the-art facilities, Eco Park will also be the new home of FGR Community, building the bonds between club and supporters with a range of initiatives focused on inclusivity, sustainability and healthy living.

The new stadium and entire development are being designed for accessibility throughout and there are plans to include sheltered housing on site. The Eco Park hotel will provide an excellent gateway for visitors to Stroud, Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds.

Eco Park